"How To Overcome Resistance To Organizational Changes With A Simple
4-Phase Organizational Change Model"

And Also, The 7 Essential Elements To Every Change And How To Make Your Organizational Change Efforts Unstoppable

Overcoming Resistance to Change special report cover (47K)

In my special report you’ll discover…

  • How having the proper approach to planning and implementing change determines whether your efforts will succeed or fail

  • How using the most common strategy for implementing change will doom any changes before you even get started

  • How if you simply understand how to look at what is happening in the right way many of the problems and frustrations will disappear

  • The 7 Essential Elements to any change effort that most CEOs completely ignore… making their change efforts into wastes of time, money, and energy!

  • The basics of organizational change that almost nobody in charge of organizations knows or even understands

  • The incredible research that shows how to make your change efforts unstoppable!

  • The “curve” that shows you exactly where to focus your efforts to maximize your ROI and rapidly have your change adopted in the organization

  • The simple 4-phase change model that will completely transform how you approach your change efforts…

  • Exact details on how use the 4-phase model to know how people will react to your change efforts… before you even implement them!

  • How a simple “vertical line” can mean the difference between people cheering you on as the hero and savior of the organization… or having them screaming at you in your office

  • Reasons why it can seem like things are going great with new changes and then everything falls apart… and what you should do if that happens

  • The 4 simple steps to help people accept that the changes are here to stay

  • How 4 simple actions can build trust in your new changes (and in YOU), open people up to helping you make the changes work, and create productive, long-term relationships with organizational members

  • Details on how to use 1 of those 4 actions that will keep people from getting defensive and hostile… It will get those people to tell you exactly what is really bothering them rather than having them attack you personally

  • How to create the proper environment to keep the momentum of your change going

  • How focusing on the “short term” can actually be an asset if combined properly with 3 other essential areas of overcoming resistance

  • How teambuilding fits into the 4-phase model and when in the change process you need to start thinking about it… NOTE: If you don’t do it at the right time it is extremely unlikely that your efforts will work

  • How to work with people to make sure the changes really stick over the long haul in the organization

  • A simple step that will make sure you avoid hundreds of hours of potential problems when implementing organizational changes… that also creates organizational member buy-in at the same time!

  • How to build a “super-team” that will blaze the trail for the new change and get everybody else on board

  • How to keep organizational members from “wishing for the old days”

  • The ultimate secret of how to get organizational members to stick with the new changes… and never want to go back!

Act immediately to receive the following bonuses…

FREE BONUS #1: Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet

This is a special worksheets that I have developed for my clients that are dealing with resistance to change. It helps you create a comprehensive list of all the stakeholders in a change effort…

When you begin to understand who these people are and what they are trying to protect, it becomes immediately clear who will resist and who will help. If you don’t have this information you will be shooting in the dark…

FREE BONUS #2: Group And Individual Resistance To Change Worksheet

If you don’t know where groups/teams and individual organizational members are within the 4 phases of change there is no way you can effectively use them or even help them.

This worksheet was designed to help you see where people are in the change process so you can get them to move beyond resistance as quickly as possible.

This worksheet includes a series of critically important questions you must ask yourself if you want to get organizational members (and their groups) to buy in quicker.

FREE BONUS #3: Change Announcement Worksheet

This worksheet should be on every consultant’s and manager’s desk. ANYONE who leads or facilitates change absolutely must know the answers to these questions.

It is a very simple worksheet but without it your change efforts will be fought against by almost everyone around you…

This one worksheet alone has saved many change leaders and facilitators hundreds of hours of grief with organizational members. Don’t ever start another change effort again unless you have filled out this worksheet.

These ideas are worth hundreds of dollars each…

These ideas and tools are based on many years of my own experience and research into all aspects of change.

I have presented this same material to many audiences in my workshops for large fees but now you can get this report which reveals the exact same strategies and tools for only $9.95!

This is the only guide that I know of that puts all of this information together in a way that practitioners can actually use it. The ideas I give you in this report have been used by numerous other practitioners to overcome change resistance. Now you can finally conquer these tough change issues too!

100% Satisfaction LIFETIME Guarantee!

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If this report doesn’t completely change the way you look at resistance to change … if it doesn’t revolutionize how you approach the change process and make you dramatically more effective…. If for any reason at all you don’t like the report, we will give you a complete refund for the whole price of the package.

So, with our guarantee… You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Overcoming Resistance to Change special report cover (47K)

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“Mike’s style is engaging and thought-provoking. His real-world experience provides clients with real-world solutions.”

Michael J. DiPaola
Polo Ralph Lauren

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“Mike’s style is engaging and thought-provoking. His real-world experience provides clients with real-world solutions.”

Michael J. DiPaola
Polo Ralph Lauren

“Mike's work is a must read for every leader who wants to learn how to make a sustained difference in his or her organization. Mike’s wisdom is concise and practical.”

Lenora Billings-Harris, CSP
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